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SeaWolf is a federally registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation in the United States

SeaWolf Volunteers planted 1500 native trees in April 2014! Click here to see a sample student tree planting report!

SeaWolf is a 2014/2015 Combined Federal Campaign support recipient! Federal Employees - Please support us by selecting CFC #55871 for your donations this year!


SeaWolf's future campaigns include a Youth Tree Planting & Marine Biology Kayak Expedition, and Marine Wildlife/Stranding Patrols.  Generous Grants from the Washington Association of Conservation Districts, WA Natural Resources and Storm Lake Growers






In 2015, Project SeaWolf Coastal Protection (SCP) continues to evolve!

18 years ago, our founders created an organization focused on orca whale conservation in the Northwest. We formed the first coalition to pursue federally Endangered Species status for southern resident killer whales, & our first television documentary projects with KOMO/ABC & KIRO/CBS awakened the country to the plight facing our declining orca whale population.

Today, our volunteers continue to work on grassroots Northwest conservation efforts. Our tree planting & salmon recovery initiatives, student education programs & expeditionary learning trips join public awareness & advocacy campaigns are targeted to address issues such as grizzly bear conservation & (soon to come) gray wolf reintroduction & recovery in the Northwest. 

UPDATE on SOUTHERN RESIDENT ORCA POPULATION - J32 (Rapsody), an 18-year old female orca from the highly endngered Southern Resident Population, was found dead in Canada. Link to the CTV News article here.

Three years ago, SCP launched our sister operation Project SeaWolf Research & Rescue (SRR), adding a new cadre of volunteer biologists, technologists, marine veterinarians, along with a separate SRR board-of-advisors to accent our work in the field of active research.  Our SRR wing will focus on research & rescue work exclusively.

What Makes Us Different? SeaWolf is committed to undertaking projects to protect Pacific Northwest ecosystems & wildlife, using a 100% volunteer-driven workforce our overhead is less than 2%. That means that almost 100% of our donor support goes directly into the hard costs associated with our programs! We are committed to remaining a lean, grassroots organization with an underlying goal - to vigorously defend our wildlife & natural places, to encourage a new generation of environmental stewards, & to increase the body of biological  knowledge available to our policy-makers, in order to ensure a sustainable, ecologically-rich, & bio-diverse future here in the Northwest.

Please join us on this journey.

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This website & organisation is dedicated to the preservation of orca whale ecosystems in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia & Alaskan waters.   All photography by Michael Kundu unless otherwise attributed. The audio segment you are hearing (certain browsers only) represents seldom-heard foraging vocalisations taken from a transient orca whale sub-group, traveling near Seymore Narrows, B.C.; courtesy of John Ford, Vancouver Aquarium.














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